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Case Study

Educating the importance of bees through gameplay
Bees are so important to our planet, without these insects we’d suffer the effects. They are responsible for flowers, honey, fruits, vegetables and so much plant life on earth.
TCC Global came to us with the idea of educating children on these incredible critters in a playful and appealing way.
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With only the concept and the product (plush toys) in production, we had heaps of freedom and creativity with the thought process, the planning, the development through to the creation of UnBEElievables.
Some elements we had to think about were:
  • What the characters do
  • Supporting multiple languages
  • How to make education fun - in a way that does not make it seem like learning
  • How to show rather than tell - keep writing to a minimum whilst also keeping it informative, finding that balance
  • How to integrate the product (plush toys) in the game
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We successfully created a well-thought, polished educational game with a companion product (plush toys) that were scanned and unlocked in the game. they sold in Lidl for a limited time.
Users completed essential tasks with the overall aim; to increase the bee population. The game launched in Europe as a retailer marketing campaign to collect the plush toys in-store.
UnBEElievables mockups
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