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Case Study

Allowing construction sites across London to actively reduce their pollution performance and improve air quality
An environmental friendly web application that alerts regulators and site owners of environmental air quality breaches across multiple construction sites in London.
Currently the application is monitoring and reporting on dust pollution to encourage construction sites to take immediate action to improve air quality, and has future potential to report on other environmental disturbances such as noise and vibrations.
The application pulls data from air quality monitoring stations positioned around construction sites.
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envimo project dashboard and feature components
This project needed to be scalable to include capturing data from various different pollution monitors and will need to allow further monitors to be integrated in the future. How do we ensure the project will facilitate future development effectively?
  • We conducted intensive technical analysis to ensure the solution "fits all" future development
  • We carried out analysis on future potential requirements to get an understanding of the whole picture
  • We communicated with third party monitor providers to understand their data retrieval
  • We created a super user friendly admin portal within the application where users can add easily manage third party technical data
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We successfully delivered a well developed web application to truly assist with environmental issues, with a user friendly interface and designs to compliment the brand.
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