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Case Study

Capture speed reports to your mobile device, creating a safer, more efficient on-site travel system
AGD Systems Limited create ITS (intelligent traffic systems) products designed to create a securer, more systematised way of the world’s traffic and travel systems.
They came to us with a new product 333 Radar, a piece of hardware that detects movement speed, but needed the software to pair with, creating a mobile speed trap.
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We needed to integrate the app with AGD's 333 Radar via Bluetooth.
We had to think about:
  • How to configure it correctly
  • How we were going to update the radar through the app - OTA updates
  • Giving users a simple web based report portal
  • Capturing and displaying - speed, dates, and photos
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We created a constructive platform SnapIt that allows customers who have purchased a 333 Radar to connect via Bluetooth to manage and create reports based on bespoke settings and parameters.
Reports can be shared from the app, or viewed on a centralised web portal for customers. Thus, fundamentally helping AGD create intelligent solutions that improve the safety of the roads.
SnapIt mockups