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Take control over your financial future through personal finance management
Managing personal financial affairs can be frustrating at the best of times, which leaves people unmotivated to make rational financial decisions.
These decisions can be made harder by not having a single consolidated view of their status. Russel Thomas and Stuart Rex (founders) wanted to create a place for people to take control of their financial futures.
OMNI logo
OMNI logo
OMNI components
OMNI components
The nature of this product asks for personal, confidential information about financial health. How do we build trust around that?
We created a web app that helps:
  • Manage financial exposures in one place
  • Maximise people’s financial awareness
  • Gain complete financial control in a single application
  • Create a concise and straightforward way to view assets and liabilities
  • Secure and protect data
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We successfully designed, developed and created a secure web app that exists to simplify personal finance management. OMNI is open and accessible to everyone, aimed to help people maximise their choices.
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